Managing CPU and GPU cores in Elcomsoft Password Recovery Agent
Posted by , Last modified by Andrey Malyshev on 10 June 2015 06:58 PM
  • In the version 3.0 of Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery CPU and GPU controls have been changed to meet new version requirements. Version 3.0 has a brand new asynchronous password recovery engine which allows all processors to work independently. In certain cases password recovery on GPU requires several CPU cores to work effectively and achieve the maximal calculation speed. That's why we have changed the controls behavior on the "Processors" tab in Password Recovery Agent. If user selects any GPU to accelerate password recovery, selection of CPU cores is unavailable and automatically set to "auto".  User still can choose the number of CPU threads but in this case all GPU accelerators will be automatically switched off. 


    There are two possible scenarios to control CPU and GPU options: 

    • Choosing number of CPU threads manually: Password Recovery Agent will use the selected number of CPU cores, all GPU accelerators are automatically switched off. 

    • Selecting GPU to accelerate password recovery: Number of CPU threads is automatically set to "auto", Password Recovery Agent will use GPU acceleration as well as all available CPU cores. 


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