EDPR: how to launch agents in Amazon EC2 cloud
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Amazon has "P2" GPU powered instances based on NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU. You can find all the information about these instances on the Amazon web site. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery is fully compatible with EC2 instances.


Creating EDPR agent in Amazon EC2 is very fast and simple procedure. Please follow these steps:

  1. Install and launch EDPR server. You can do it either on your local server or in EC2 cloud. Server must have external IP address with opened port 12121.

  2. Log in to your EC2 Management Console and click "Instances". 

  3. Select the appropriate region. P2 instances are available in the following data centers: 
    US East (N.Virginia)
    US East (Ohio)
    US West (Oregon)
    Asia Pacific (Seoul)
    Asia Pacific (Sydney)
    Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
    EU (Ireland)

  4. Press the "Launch instance" button.
  5. Choose the virtual machine AMI from Community AMIs. Select "Community AMIs" and search for the Elcomsoft AMI. Type exact AMI name in the search box.
    Use "EDPR-agent-1059-8" AMI for p2.xlarge and p2.8xlarge instances.
    Use "EDPR-agent-1059-16" AMI for p2.16xlarge instance.

  6. Choose the Instance type from P2 series. 

  7. Press "Next: Configure instance details". Select required number of instances. Expand "Advanced details" and enter your server address and port number in "User data" field. 

  8. Press "Review and launch". Review all instance details and press "Launch".
  9. Select your key pair or create a new one. 

  10. Your new instance will launched shortly and after several minutes you will see your new EDPR agent in the console:

  11. To launch additional agents simply repeat steps 1-7. New agent will appear on server as soon as a new instance will be started:

    Please note that p2.16xlarge agents will take some time to launch because of large number of CPU and GPU cores.

  12. Please note, that Amazon EC2 instances are charged on the time basis. You have to stop all created instances when you don't use EDPR to prevent extra charges.
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