Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer FAQ
Posted by Andrey Malyshev on 14 August 2017 04:32 PM

Q: I have started the program and connected by BlackBerry to the computer, but nothing happened – it seems that the program does not recognize the device.

A: The program works not with the device itself, but with backup files created from them. To create the backup (IPD-file), you have to use Blackberry Desktop Software.

Q: I have changed some program options, but it seems that the program ignored that.

A: Just re-open IPD-file.

Q: Is it possible to view SMS messages as thread/conversation?

A: Yes; select [Tools] | [Options] | [General] | [Application], check “SMS message threads” option.

Q: It seems that the program shows much less SMS messages than I actually have!

A: Most probably, “SMS message threads” option is enabled; disable it at [Tools] | [Options] | [General] | [Application].

Q: The program shows messages time according to my computer time zone; is it possible to use the ‘device’ time zone instead?

A: Yes – just disable “Local time zone” option in [Tools] | [Options] | [General] | [Application].

Q: For some reason, some contacts look like duplicated, i.e. shown more than once.

A: Select [Tools] | [Options] | [General] | [Contacts] and turn the “When opening IPD file, don't show duplicated contacts” option on.

Q: The calendar events are shown twice!

A: Select [Tools] | [Options] | [General] | [Application] and turn the “When opening IPD file, don't show duplicated Calendar events” option on.

Q: After conversation of some data (contacts, tasks, messages etc), they’re immediately being shown in associated program (such as Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word), is it possible to change that?

A: Yes; disable the “open document after conversion” option at [Tools] | [Options] | [General] | [Application].

Q: When I export SMS messages into PDF file, every one starts with new page, how to change that?

A: Select [Tools] | [Options] | [General] | [PDF Export] and set “Style” option into “Old style (w/o bookmarks)”.

Q: Is it possible to see names (but not numbers) in SMS list?

A: Yes; select [Tools] | [Options] | [General] | [SMS Options] and set “Field to show” option into “Name”.

Q: FileMaker cannot change the DBF file created by the program!

A: Select [Tools] | [Options] | [Misc] | [DBF Export] and change dBase version option to the desired value.

Q: When I export to Microsoft Excel, the “RPC Server is unavailable” error appears.

A: Select [Tools] | [Options] | [Misc] | [DBF Export] and turn the “Write to XLS directly (doesn't need MS Excel to be installed)” option on.

Q: When I open PDF file created by the program, Adobe Reader says that it is secured.

A: Select [Tools] | [Options] | [PDF] | [Security] and uncheck the “Encrypt PDFs” option.

Q: What is “Browser Data Cache”, “WAP Push Messages” etc?

A: Select [View] – [Description of BB databases].

Q: Is it possible to save the messages into separate files (with just one click)?

A: Yes. Switch to [Messages], select “One message – one document” option, highlight the messages you want to save, and press [Save as].

Q: When I try to export data into CHM format, the programs asks to install ‘hhc.exe’ – where do I get it?

A: This file is a part of (free) Microsoft HTML HELP Workshop.

Q: Is it possible to view the attachments?

A: Unfortunately, no. Blackberry Desktop Software does NOT export the attachments into the IPD file.

Q: Is it possible to view chats/conversations from Blackberry Messenger (BBM)?

A: Sorry, no – they’re not saved in the IPD file either.

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