What is the VBA Backdoor feature and how do I use it ?
Posted by Andrey Malyshev on 08 July 2012 01:38 PM
With it, the password is not being recovered at all. However, you are able to open VBA project (to view/edit the code); of course, you should have the application (this document has been created with, or later version) installed. Just press the VBA button on AOPR toolbar (or select VBA Backdoor | Open file through backdoor menu item). The program will prompt you for the document file; select one, and AOPR will run the application (in a special way) this document has been created with, and load your document into it. Now go into VBA properties (typically, it is under Tools | Macro | Visual Basic EditorTools | VBAProject Properties; you'll be prompted for the password. Enter ANY one (e.g., xyz), and it will be accepted! If your document has been created in Microsoft Office 97, you can use Office 2000 or Office XP, too. However, the reverse is not true: if you would like to unprotect Office 2000/XP document, but have only Office 97 installed, AOPR will still run it (with a warning message), but backdoor will not work.
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