Knowledgebase : Ordering and licensing

You have to open this link:

Please enter your registration code and all information about your license will be displayed. On this page you may also receive some special offers and options to renew your license.

In this case please use this form. Your registration key will be sent to your E-Mail address. Please contact our support team on any problems.

Due to the nature of our products we have strict return policy that allows to refund an order in certain cases only. Please read our complete Terms of Use here:

Return Policy - General
ElcomSoft software purchases are final and non-refundable. Please be sure you have successfully tested the evaluation version for your product before purchasing a license. For further information please refer to the ElcomSoft End User License Agreement.

Return Policy - Password Recovery Software
ElcomSoft has a strict return policy due to the nature of our products. If the software is unable to recover (or remove, or change) a password, a copy of the unrecovered file MUST be sent to ElcomSoft, and our engineers will work with your file. If the password is recovered, the owner of the software will be either able to keep the software and receive the password to the file (or unprotected copy of the file), or refund can be made and the end user will need to pay for the in-house recovery in order to receive the password. If ElcomSoft is unable to recover the password, a full refund will be made. Please note that this is applicable only to situations when password recovery or removal is guaranteed without brute-force or dictionary attacks (for more information, refer to product documentation).

Your order will be refunded if you send us the file that causes some problems with our software and software works incorrectly with it. The file must not be damaged. In any other case your order cannot be refunded.